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Fill your decor with colors & fragrance that give you a delighting feeling everyday..

About Us

Every person today has his own personal favorite fragrance, that tells much about him and his personality. Many people today do not leave their house without applying their favored scent, similarly, they also like their homes to smell pleasant. This has greatly increased the demand for scented candles and lifestyle home fragrance products. Golden Oak Impex LLP is one revered company in the Mumbai city in the Indian state of Maharashtra that brings to the market a variety of Candles, Incense Stick, Fragrance Oil Burner, Aromatic Oil Burner, Wax Melts, Reed Diffusers, Oil Warmer Gift Sets and Pan Aromas Bouquet. Our business entity working as a manufacturer & exporter, distributes Pan Aromas Candles & Fragrance Products not only in India, but many countries as well.

How we Started?

2014 was the year when Jell Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. set a division PAN AROMAS to manufacture and export fragrance oil, incense sticks, candles, reed diffusers and a number of other fragrance products. The company had both, experience and determined workforce to include new and emerging trends in the development of fragrance products. And, it started with an aim to create a revered name in the domestic market first, and then try to find customers in overseas markets. As the years progressed, our company made use of the best quality essential oils and invigorated fragrances in all the products.


We want to promote a comprehensive line of PAN AROMA Products with an aim to make it a leading brand in the field of home fragrance products. And to effectively create pan India, we are partnering with retailers, distributors, modern stores and corporate customers in Corporate Gifting, Lifestyle, Home-Décor industries to create a strong distribution network.

Why Buy Our Products?

The variety of PAN AROMAS – Candles we provide, such as 3-Pack Short Glass Candles, Jar Glass Candles, Travel Tin Candles and Wax Melts is unparalleled. These candles are great for:
  • Creating a lively environment during celebrations
  • Soothing senses
  • Improving home decor
The Gifting line of our portfolio called PAN AROMAS – Felicity is good option to discover a unique gift for friends and family. End-customers can gift a set of aromatic oil burner, fragrance oil burner and tea light; or pot pourri, reed diffuser and fragrance oil on several occasions. The PAN AROMAS - Fragrance Products, like oil, incense sticks and diffuser are great for refreshing the mood and diffusing soothing aroma and fragrance.